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World of Wheels 2018

The World of Wheels is always a fun show to attend but ensure you put your walking shoes on and be ready for great looking cars, trucks, and bikes.  There were many fully custom vehicles with ‘paint jobs’ that were unreal.  To me, the World of Wheels 2018 in Pittsburgh is a great way to tickle the car cruise enthusiast and take away the winter blues for those who enjoy great looking cars, trucks, and bikes.

There were many that caught my attention (complete gallery of images here) including the coffin car to the cars from Fast And Furious but one that stuck with me is what I titled “Laughter”.  This image was taken with the Olympus E-M1MarkII and Lensbaby Sweet Optic 35. creating the fun out of focus look.


Laughing Car









Another image that immediately caught my attention was the very ‘high’ truck. I don’t think it would make it into most parking garages. 😀

Monster Truck


Monster Truck

Monster Truck

Monster Truck


Used Cars

There was a display – parody – Used Car Lot | featuring the 90-second warranty and shady salesperson

Shady Sales Person – 90 Second Warranty

Used Cars

Shady Sales Person


There were many vendors ranging from fudge to car parts to shirts and hats.

Pictures for sale

Hand Drawings

Candy and more


There were so many beautiful bikes with some of the most amazing paint designs that I could spend hours looking at them.


I highly recommend visiting the World of Wheels 2018 at the Convention Center in Pittsburgh. Plan to spend hours, stay hydrated, and wear comfortable shoes. Stop by and visit the Victory Family Church – Car Cruise Booth

Victory Family Church


All images were taken with the Olympus E-M1MarkII and a variety of lenses including the Olympus 17 f/1.8 and 7-14 f/2.8


Video of images



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Weber Insurance Car Cruise Pittsburgh Area | Victory Family Church

Kendralla Photography-DR7_1685.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1696.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1709.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1712.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1717-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1722.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1742.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1754.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1760-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1770-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1801.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1805.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1806.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1809.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1821.jpgKendralla Photography-DR7_1829 Corvette.jpg

Summer is here, cars are cruising, and the time for fun amazing times meet.

Weber Insurance Car Cruise at Victory Family Church in Cranberry Twp

Slick vehicle by weber insurance

Slick vehicle by weber insurance

Many years ago I owned a 1968 white corvette convertible with a 427, 390 HP, and ‘4 on the floor’.  I doubt I will ever forget that car and for many reasons.  I was a teenager with a few thousand dollars to spend and left the house looking for a 1967 corvette with the tear drop back and unique look.  However, I quickly found out that the $3k I had to spend wouldn’t buy a 1967 corvette (at least not one that ran).  This was long before the internet and all of the options for buying cars of today existed.  However, I found a white 68 corvette that I purchased and immediately enjoyed.  A few of us ‘guys’ had various muscle cars.  A buddy had a SS and another a camera, while a third had a very nice Cadillac. We would meet at the various locations in the area to show off our ‘ride’ and there was something about driving slow to show off the car. I bought many books on corvettes learning about their styles and unique look.  Over the years I have not kept up with the newer corvettes but my love for ‘old’ cars never died.   The Shelby Mustang, SS, Z28, and many other muscle cars with their unique look and class.

Car Cruise Pittsburgh Area

There is nothing like visiting a car cruise knowing you have the opportunity to photograph cars and trucks from various eras.  There was a beautiful 1934 Ford and I immediately commented to the owner. “That is the year my dad was born.”  Grills, grills, and more grills.  No not the kind you cook on but the beautiful grills on older vehicles.  I am not sure what happened over the years but most grills produced today are ‘boring’.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some cars that have a unique look to its front (like the Mini Cooper S) but the grills on some of the older cars had ‘class’.  No doubt at the time, the designers looked at the grills as a symbol and were not concerned with wind resistance (since they seemed to have lots of it) or energy conservation (since they didn’t) and focused on style.


Car Cruise Pittsburgh Amazing Car Grills

Amazing Car Grills

I am not a car enthusiast in the true sense of the word but an artist who looks at cars, trucks, etc for the aesthetic value.  Thus, my opinion of these vehicles is based solely on aesthetics only.  ps I love the emblems on many of the

First Car Cruise Pittsburgh area of the year

This is my first Car Cruise of the year and if its like previous years, I will not attend too many. (This is wedding and portrait season and car cruises are on the same days of weddings usually.)  However, there are future car cruises on my calendar with two at Victory Family Church.


Link to a gallery of images for the Weber Insurance Car Cruise at Victory Family Church.

For more information on upcoming car cruises in the Pittsburgh Area please visit the sites below.





Love the look of this corvette!

Love the look of this corvette!

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