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Beaver County Boom July 2016

Kendralla Photography-P1120161

While waiting for the Beaver County Boom to start, we were presented with an amazing sunset! The colors were amazing painting the river with a tremendous array of colors.


Sunset over the Ohio River

Once the sun set, Zambelli Fireworks presented an amazing display of lights and color.

Monaca Fireworks 2016 Show from Frank Kendralla on Vimeo.

Images created with a Nikon D750 and Lumix GX8.

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Tiger Pause | Rumble in the Jungle April 2013

Tiger Pause


On April 27th, the Tiger Pause Ministry held their first annual Rumble in the Jungle in Beaver Falls, PA (Beaver County).  The morning was very chilly but the day warmed up when the sun came out burning the mist from the air.  Participants did sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups in addition to some of the mudder events.

Tiger Pause Rumble in the jungle-4 Beaver County

Tiger Pause Rumble in the jungle-4 Beaver County

Tiger Pause begins with a word of prayer by Matt

Tiger Pause begins with a word of prayer by Matt

Tiger Pause Volunteers and Participants

Tiger Pause Volunteers and Participants

Before the event started Matt led the workers in prayer and offered instruction and guidance for all the participants and workers.

Entries started with sit-ups then jumped into a large container of water that was cold to start with but was made colder with bags of ice donated from a local vendor. After exiting the bone chilling water, they crawled under a net of strings through mud and puddles of water.  The mud caked their arms, legs, and covered their face as they maneuvered under the netting of strings.

The next part of the race tested their strength and tried the body by carrying cut up railroad ties which warmed up the body but as their energy drained and their arms cried for mercy they jumped into pits of mud, crawled over piles of mud and dirt to meet a wall of straw.  After climbing to the top of the straw and their body exhausted, many rolled over the top landing on the bottom of a pile of dry straw which mixed with the caked on mud.

Strength and endurance


Strength and Endurance

Tiger Pause Rumble in the jungle-4 Beaver County

If they thought rest was next, their body was put through more strength testing in the form of sit-ups then they crawled through large tubes filled with more mud and water.  (Kids like to play in the mud don’t they?)  After exiting the tubes and their arms pleading for rest, they did pull-ups, climbed over a wall, then walked along a suspended board balancing themselves to ensure they didn’t fall into more mud.

If they thought they were done, they ran around the back side of the course and completed it again.  They went through the course multiple times until the 20+ minute timer was finished. Wow what an event! It was a true test of physical, mental, and emotional endurance.  However, that wasn’t the part that impressed me the most.

Tiger Pause Rumble in the Jungle test strength in Beaver County

Tiger Pause Rumble in the Jungle test strength in Beaver County

Chilling cold water | Tiger Pause in Beaver County

Chilling cold water | Tiger Pause in Beaver County

Teamwork and encouragement displayed



Tiger Pause | Rumble in the Jungle Encouragement and Help

It was the display of team work among the participants.  They helped each other through the mud, shouted encouragement, pulled them over the top of the wall, and assisted during various tests of strength and endurance.  This demonstrated their hearts and displayed tremendous Christ centered attitudes and character.  Not one time did I hear cussing, taunting, or any demeaning words.

Leadership in Beaver County

In addition, Matt and Dave, two members of the staff participated in the event displaying tremendous character and ability during this challenging event.

Volunteers, sponsors, and support – {Beaver County}

There were many volunteers, sponsors, and support personnel on hand for the event.  Which included but not limited to the Beaver Falls Volunteer Fire Department, Heritage Valley, YMCA – Beaver County, Health Hut, and more.  A tremendous amount of food was available for volunteers and participants to eat.

From the Tiger Pause Website:

Tiger Pause is a Christ-centered, community-based organization founded in 1988 that serves Beaver County’s young people and their families. Our desire is to provide individuals from all walks of life with opportunities to participate in quality programs that help them reach their God-given potential. We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and watch the Lord redeem lives, build leaders, and transform communities.

Rumble in the Jungle Tiger Pause Gallery of Images

Fun and encouragement!

Fun and encouragement!





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