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Exposure Triangle and Aperture

How does aperture impact my image?

In this short video, I show a few examples how changing the aperture / f-stop impacts the look of your image.

My goal is to get you off of auto and in manual mode.

Additionally, my intent is to show you that each of the images shown in the video are exposed properly but a properly exposed image does not mean it is the image you intended to photograph.

Stranger: “That is a beautiful child you have there.”
Mother: “That’s nothing. You should see his photograph.” – Anonymous


Technical Specs

Olympus | E-M1MarkII | Olympus 45mm f/1.8 lens | Mirrorless Camera | MeFoto Tripod

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Tara A Country Inn Wedding

If you enjoy a wedding with a theme and a setting from a popular movie and book, then I suggest visiting Tara A Country Inn in Clark, PA.  Jaimie and Jones were married in nearby St. Michael’s church with their reception at the Tara.  The weather was perfect to highlight a beautiful outdoor wedding reception.

There are many areas to photograph, but one of my favorites is the entrance with the tall pillars to frame the couple.  As the sun set behind the Tara, the front glowed with the porch lights illuminating the couple creating a beautiful silhouette.

Romantic Wedding Portrait

Romantic Setting at the Tara A Country Inn


For all of our weddings, we capture the moments from the day not only with still imagery but with video and combine the two to create a multimedia experience to help preserve the memories from the day.

In Jaimie and Jone’s show,  notice there are parts of the speeches, dancing, and so much more to create a memorable heirloom item to share and cherish.


Bride and Groom Dip | Tara A Country Inn | Beautifully Lit Entrance

One of my favorite creative wedding poses is the dip. Where else better to perform this romantic wedding portrait is on the porch of the Tara with a twist of history tied to it.

Bride and Groom dip portrait

Bride and Groom dip portrait


German wedding toast by the father of the bride:

“Jeder hört die Musik anders – aber der gemeinsame Tanz ist wunderbar.
Everyone hears the music differently – but the dance together is wonderful.”


If you are seeking a creative wedding photography style combined with a twist of motion (video), then contact us for a wedding photography quote.

Wedding Rings | St. Michael's

Wedding Rings | St. Michael’s


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Candid Moments in Life

Candid Moments in Life

The best moments are not planned

I took this image of my wife and two eldest grandkids is 2009. We were walking along a path that borders our property and the moment seemed perfect for an image.  The grandkids are now 13 and 11 but this image is one of my favorite images of all times.  My wife and I were going through the thousands of images I took of the family since 2001 and this one jumped out as a ‘must print and hang’ image.  We pondered the best scripture verse and decided that Psalm 46:10a, “Be still and know that I am God…” is perfect.

I printed this as an 11×14 and matted it to fit a 16×20 black frame for hanging in our living room.  This will join many other prints that we proudly display of our family and life.  My wife kept saying, this looks like something you would buy and hang on your wall from a Christian bookstore. 😀  One of the greatest compliments a photographer can get is when their spouse states they would pay for the image.

Some of the best images I took were not planned, staged, nor posed.  They just developed (pun intended).  Although this sat on my hard drive for 6 years after I processed it, the image remained ready to become a story teller.  However, I believe that an image isn’t a true picture until it is printed and hung on a wall for others to see and cherish.

No doubt this might have more meaning to us than it would to others, the connection of the viewer becomes when they can relate.  A mom can relate thinking when they walk hand in hand with their child(ren) or a grandma thinking to the day when she walks with her grandchildren.  Life is short and too often the only thing we have to trigger a happy and cherished memory is to look and hold our pictures.  There is a saying that a picture is art when it connects with the viewer.  I would add that a picture is an image when it tells a story that connects the viewer to the subject.

It is very important to preserve memories with photography but it is more important to print the images to share and hold.

What many do not realize is the image we take today isn’t for our benefit (today) but for the benefit of future generations or to comfort us years in the future.  I hope that one day my grandchildren will be blessed with children and grandchildren of their own and that this image will provide conversations they have with their families.  As I type this, tears flow down my cheeks.  Not of sorrow but of joy that a God given gift (vision and photography) can bring joy and happiness.  Tears of joy that memories are captured and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

With the advent of digital and the fact that nearly everyone has a camera (mobile device) and images are shared non-stop, my concern is that too many people fail to print their memories.  They show them off on their smart phone but when the smart phone breaks where are the memories.  Yes, more and more people store in the cloud but how many retrieve them from the cloud and display the images proudly on their walls?

Candid moments need preserved and cherished!

Mother’s day is quickly approaching.  Plan a time for pictures, preserving today for future generations.  We offer a session that includes both still and motion (video) with a multimedia show that brings laughter and tears wrapped in joy and happiness.

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What is included in your wedding photography packages?

Wedding Show

A wedding show is part of our wedding photography packages

Our wedding shows tell a story from your wedding day. Since our coverage is full-day, your wedding show includes memories from all parts of your wedding. When you share the video with your family and friends, they will see parts of the wedding they were not privy to until now. The fun bridal portraits, images of your wedding rings, and your first dance as a couple.  When designing your wedding show, my goal is to create a lasting ‘snapshot’ of your wedding day.  It is something for you to share and look at years from now.

Obviously, the wedding show doesn’t include all of the images from your day since in many cases the total amount of images delivered are hundreds.  However, the wedding show includes images that provoke memories and capture the essence of your wedding day.  Below is an actual wedding show delivered to the couple on a DVD with an image from their wedding day as the cover.  The DVD plays in your standard DVD player attached to your TV and your computer. Additionally, an MP4 version is available for sharing online, playing on your tablet, smartphone, or other electronic device.

The ceremony was at the First Baptist Church in Aliquippa {Beaver County}.

What does your wedding photography package include?

If you ask yourself, “what should a wedding photography package include?” Know that our wedding photography packages are not typical because they include a multimedia based wedding show set to music for your enjoyment and sharing!


Wedding Package Example

Wedding Package Example


We share the dreams,
the smiles, the tears-
All life can ever bring.
But most of all, we share our
And that means everything.

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Wedding Engagement Portrait Session The Point Pittsburgh

The night was perfect with the sun setting behind the Point in Pittsburgh. I love photographing couples and especially engagement portraits. To add a different look to an engagement session, I utilize a few clips of video mingled in with the still images to produce a hybrid engagement portrait show.  Photography is about story telling and why not utilize the power of both video and still photography to create a memorable wedding engagement portrait session?


“Don’t just take pictures, capture memories!”

Kristin & Mike Engagement Portraits @ The Point in Pittsburgh from Frank Kendralla on Vimeo.

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Kodak Commercial Pictures Live Forever

Tremendous commercial emphasizing the importance of pictures.  One of my favorite commercials of all time!  Why?  Because it emphasizes the value and art of story telling through photography and just as important it shows the need to print your images.  Too often folks take pictures but they never print them or do anything with them other than post them to instagram, facebook, or other social media site.


“The pictures are talking . . . they are saying keep me, protect me, share me and I will live forever.”  I can hear them! 

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Hybrid Portraits | Introducing a WOW factor

Kendralla Photography-DR6_1323-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1326-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1334-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1373-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1374-Edit-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1375-Edit-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1391-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1396-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1413-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1448-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1459-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1500-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1515-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1544-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_1549-Edit.jpg

High School Senior Portraits | Hybrid Portraits


Senior Portrait Sunset

Sunset over the Ohio River

Would you like to introduce a wow factor to your high school senior portrait? We offer a portrait session that will make you say WOW! – I love still photography and portraits but why not have a video or ‘advertisement’ of YOU? A few video clips taken during the portrait session and added to your portrait show to create memories that lasts for generations. You can show the video at the high school senior’s graduation party, send a copy to grandma and let her show off her grandchild to other’s in her circle of friends, or just sit and enjoy the show !

The sun set was magnificent setting over the Ohio River with the clouds dancing in the sky.  Both created a beautiful High School Senior Memory for sharing and admiring.

Adding a little “FUN” to the portrait session | Hybrid Portraits


Class of 2014

Nike Swoosh | High School Senior Central Valley

Portrait sessions must be fun! We do everything possible to make the High School Senior Portrait session fun! The setting must be memorable as well as the images. There are certain images which most high school seniors who played football enjoy and its the Nike Swoosh image! Add a little dramatic flare with lighting and you have an image worth sending to all of the cousins to show off.

What better way to enjoy a sunset?


Reading the Bible with the sunset

Sunset over the river

Incorporate into your High School Senior portrait session what you enjoy doing!

Imagine this image on your wall! Images that invoke emotion and memories! Telling a story with both stills and motion.

Sample Hybrid Portrait Session Show


Hybrid Portrait Session | A touch of motion and stills – watch the show and you will see various clips with motion creating a unique look to your high school senior portraits 😀

DJ Senior Portraits Class of 2014 Central Valley High School from Frank Kendralla on Vimeo.

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Seneca Valley High School Prom 2014 | Cathedral


c100-Kendralla Photography-DR6_0974.jpgc23-Kendralla Photography-DR6_0948-Edit-Edit.jpgc25-Kendralla Photography-DR6_0905.jpgc32-Kendralla Photography-TR7_9840.jpgc35-Kendralla Photography-TR6_3221-Edit.jpgc37-Kendralla Photography-TR6_3210.jpgc4-Kendralla Photography-DR6_1046-Edit.jpgc41-Kendralla Photography-DR6_1207-Edit.jpgc45-Kendralla Photography-DR6_1118.jpgc60-Kendralla Photography-TR7_9903.jpgc82-Kendralla Photography-DR6_0976-Edit.jpgc97-Kendralla Photography-DR6_0940-Edit.jpg


As always, we had a great time photographing the Seneca Valley Prom held at the Cathedral in New Castle, PA. Otto Productions provided the light, sound, 15 confetti cannons, 40 beach balls, and 600 glow bracelets. We had our popular “No Booth Photo Booth” set-up with hats, glasses, and other fun props for fun and memorable pictures.  The back drop was provided by Seneca Valley High School and Fun Fore All in Cranberry Twp, .  Pictures from the No Booth Photo Booth and more are available at Kendralla.com.  Please use coupon code SV10 to receive 10% off any prints ordered from our sister site. If you need your Senior portrait (or any portrait), please mention the Seneca Valley Prom for an additional bonus to our portrait package.  We offer Hybrid Portrait sessions which creates a great memory for you and your family.  What is a hybrid portrait session?  Contact us for more information.

 Seneca Valley High School Prom 2014

No Booth Photo Booth | Seneca Valley High School Prom 2014

No Booth Photo Booth | Seneca Valley High School Prom 2014

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Springfield Ohio | Long Exposure Photography

Springfield Ohio | Long Exposure Photography | 20 second exposure

Springfield Ohio | Long Exposure Photography | 20 second exposure

Long Exposure Photography

Springfield, Ohio

While approaching the hotel I was staying at for the night, I noticed a beautiful old building with the sky turning deep blue.  As the master light painter added a few different colors to the paint brush, the light started to set behind the building and the blues deepened.  Judging from the angle of the sun, I realized I had 20-30 minutes to check in and return to the parking lot for a beautiful image of this grand building.

The parking lot and street in front of the hotel had minimal traffic and the small park in front of the building a few people sat talking while a table to my left a man working on his laptop.   The air was warm providing a welcome relief after a long harsh winter.

Before setting up my tripod I looked for a good position to frame the building with the lamp posts. Hoping they would turn on as the sun set.  My plan was to frame the building and using a long exposure capture the star bursts coming from the lamp posts.  They didn’t disappoint.  As I positioned my tripod, all of the lampposts turned on and not one was burned out.  (Unlike some people I know.)

I set the camera on the tripod in a vertical position and focused mid-range into the building for maximum depth of field.  In post, I utilized a square crop to eliminate the area directly in front of me.  Since I was using a long exposure (20 seconds), the cars that traveled in front of me disappeared as ghosts in the image.


Springfield Ohio | Long Exposure Photography | 30 second exposure

Springfield Ohio | Long Exposure Photography | 30 second exposure

After taking a few images from this vantage point, I packed up and walked into the town looking for other interesting buildings.  However, following a trick I learned years ago, I turned around and noticed the sky and lights on the building from a different vantage point and couldn’t pass up trying a different look. In the second image, the exposure is 30 seconds pulling in even more of the star burst and turning the sky deep blue.  Very little post processing was done in the color images and in the black and white, contrast and clarity was adjusted bringing out some of the mid-range.


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Hiring a wedding photographer | A few quick tips


Selecting Vendors for your wedding is overwhelming!

At the recent Pittsburgh Bridal Fair one of the common statements by attendees, ‘wow’ this is overwhelming!

I remember when I went to my first show at the convention center many years ago. It was a home show and it was filled with an insane number of vendors. I could not believe how many people were at the show, nor could I believe the choices. This reason alone scared me. Who do I pick for our project?

In the wedding world hiring the correct vendor for each part of your wedding is just as confusing as hiring the correct contractor for your home project. As daunting as this task may seem, there are a few simple tests you can do when selecting your wedding photographer.


 A few quick tips for hiring a wedding photographer


Before meeting with the photographer, ask to see samples of a ‘complete’ weddings. {Not just the images ‘advertised’ as their best work.}

  • Consistency in the work is critical. What you are attempting to avoid is hiring someone who doesn’t have the experience in photographing a complete wedding.
  • Do you like the images from a complete wedding?
  • Do you like their coverage of a ceremony, reception, candid images?
    • Fun portraits?
      • Do they offer the opportunity for the guests to get their pictures taken as a gift to the bride and groom at no extra charge?
        • We offer for no additional charge the ‘no booth photo booth’. We set-up with props in an area near the reception for the guests to get their pictures with either props or without as a gift to you. {Ask for more details}
  • Is the photographer willing to work with your schedule and how long is their coverage during your wedding day?
    • We cover your day and do not leave during the middle part of your reception.
  • Meet with the photographer in person
    • It is imperative that you get along with the photographer. You will be with them more than anyone else on your wedding day and it is critical that both you and the photographer ‘click’.
    • Look at their albums
      • Do you like the way their printed work looks?
        • Do you like their designs?
        • Not all albums are created equal
        • Do you like their albums?
  • If they are on social media, check out their ‘chatter’ and look for comments on the images they post. Do they have references?
    • Look for consistency here too. You want to verify they are ‘legit’
    • How do they interact with others and how do others interact with them?
    • Are they a ‘hot head’ who spouts off when someone disagrees with them or when they are under stress
      • Weddings are stressful 😀
    • Do they offer advice and helpful suggestions to others or do they seem to be the one always asking questions?
  • When you review their ‘complete’ weddings, verify that you see more than just the bride and groom. Too often ‘new’ photographers gather images during a controlled workshop without experience in a hectic, ‘non-controlled’ wedding day.
  • Search the internet for the photographers name
    • Look for how they comment on other sites
  • Are they someone that you believe you can work with on your wedding day?

Yes, hiring a wedding photographer is overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be.  Utilize these same tips as you hire other vendors for your wedding day.

We are offering a Bridal Show Special – Please contact me for more information.


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