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Exposure Triangle and Aperture

How does aperture impact my image?

In this short video, I show a few examples how changing the aperture / f-stop impacts the look of your image.

My goal is to get you off of auto and in manual mode.

Additionally, my intent is to show you that each of the images shown in the video are exposed properly but a properly exposed image does not mean it is the image you intended to photograph.

Stranger: “That is a beautiful child you have there.”
Mother: “That’s nothing. You should see his photograph.” – Anonymous


Technical Specs

Olympus | E-M1MarkII | Olympus 45mm f/1.8 lens | Mirrorless Camera | MeFoto Tripod

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January Beauty in Beaver County

Winter Beauty in Beaver County

There is no doubt that some will not believe I created this image on January 21, 2017 in Beaver County. It was a Saturday morning and I knew the mixture of the Sun and fog would create something that was pleasing to the eyes. This pond is minutes from my home in Chippewa Twp and one of the many treasures found in this area of the county.

The sun was peaking through the trees bathing the water and evergreens with an amazing color and the reflections on the water made it look almost as if it were a painting. I couldn’t pass up not capturing its beauty for others to enjoy.

I have traveled to many of the states of this beautiful nation and to other wonderful countries but there is nothing like visiting the areas around my home in Beaver County, PA.

And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. Psalm 1:3

Click for a full size version of the image

Technical Specs

Photographed with the mirrorless Olympus E-M1MarkII and Olympus 12-100 lens. f/22 | ISO 200 | 60 second exposure | 44mm – equiv = 88 mm | Manfrotto Tripod

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Fireworks | Monaca Celebration | Beaver County 2015

Kendralla Photography-D75_4457.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4458.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4459.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4462.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4466.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4474.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4481.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4489-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4491.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4505.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4506.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4509.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4510.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4513.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4519-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4520.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4531.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4533.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4534.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4535.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4537.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4539.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4540.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4543.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4548.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4549.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4550.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4551.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4555.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4556.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4559.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4564.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4565.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4568.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4570-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4571.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4572-Edit.jpg

Monaca Celebration | June 27, 2015

Finishing the day of celebration on a beautiful night at the junction of the Ohio and Beaver river, Zambelli Fireworks delivered a tremendous display of light.  They entertained the crowd and celebrated 175 years for Monaca (Beaver County), PA.

If you would like to see a complete collection of the fireworks images, please click here.


Monaca Fireworks by Zambelli | Beaver County PA

Monaca Fireworks by Zambelli | Beaver County PA

Monaca Fireworks by Zambelli

Monaca Fireworks by Zambelli

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Ducky Tours | Pittsburgh

Kendralla Photography-OMD96042.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96090.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96091.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96132.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96143.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96155.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96226.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96231.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96236.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96273.jpg

Celebrating life in the city on a ducky tour.


“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” Michael J. Fox


We celebrated my wife’s birthday with our two eldest grandchildren, one of our brother in-laws, and my sister at multiple restaurants, a ducky tour of Pittsburgh, plus a ride up the incline.  After purchasing the ducky tickets, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.  I am always hesitant for different restaurants since I am a “health nut” and often find it challenging for healthy alternative lunches.  However, the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh did an amazing job.  I asked for a ‘special’ salad, describing what I wanted and they delivered to the letter.  Now to my main point, if you buy tickets for DUCKY and decide to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, look at the tickets.  They include a 15% off coupon for the Hard Rock Cafe and no I didn’t notice the coupon until we were getting ready to board the DUCKY. 🙁

We rode the white bus and were ‘entertained’ by a fun tour guy with a serious amount of hair (which I don’t have).  The weather was near perfect with slightly overcast skies and temperatures in the high 60’s to low 70.

DUCKY that we rode

DUCKY that we rode

The tour starts in Station Square and crosses the Smithfield Street Bridge into the city making its way to the North Side via the Roberto Clemente Bridge. Passing by his statue and PNC park, the DUCKY heads toward the access way of the river past the war memorials (which are amazing and are a visit in of their own). Entering into the river is fun and exciting as the kids cheer with the tour guide and captain of the ship.

The water motor kicks on and off we go into the Three Rivers of Pittsburgh.







Passing by another DUCKY



We drove a short time on the water then the captain asked if any children wanted to drive the boat. One little boy raised his hand (so did I) and he had the opportunity to drive. Then the captain asked if anyone else wanted to drive and no other children wanted to drive. I kept asking 😀 – they then stated okay and I had the opportunity for a front and center view of the city and was able to get some amazing images.





Ducky Tours

I drove the ducky boat

Amazing view of the city from Ducky Tours Captain’s Seat

Ducky Tours Pittsburgh

Taken from the Captain’s Seat of a Ducky Tour in Pittsburgh

After floating along the water, we traveled past the war memorials and into the North Side of Pittsburgh. Since my grandkids never rode an incline nor traveled to Mt Washington to view the city from the overlook, I felt it was a must do! 😀








Time to travel to Mt Washington via the incline

Time to travel to Mt Washington via the incline

Just passing by

Just passing by

Just passing by

View from the incline car to Mt Washington

View from the incline car to Mt Washington











Our amazing city of Pittsburgh from the first overlook near the incline.

Pittsburgh from Mt Washington

Pittsburgh from Mt Washington


Must see Mural

There were many cars in the parking lot next to this mural but it is located near the road by the first overlook in Mt. Washington and is a must visit for pictures!

Beautiful Mural in Mt Washington

Beautiful Mural in Mt Washington

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He loves me | Inspirational Art

He Loves me, He loves me mostest

We hear the phrase, He Loves me, He loves Me Not but He will always love you.

This saying and the concept for the design came from my wife. When the grandkids are going home, she always says. Love you mostest! She then added the combination of saying to when folks pick the pedals off a flower and state. He loves me, he loves me not. She turned it around saying that He loves me more (speaking of God the Father), then added He loves me Mostest. Because He loved us first and last plus will never leave us.

We love him, because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

. . . I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. Hebrews 13:5

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National Geographic Travel Photography | Night Pictures of Washington DC


Washington Monument and Reflecting Pond

A different view of the Washington Monument. Notice the White House in the distance.

Night Pictures of Washington DC

I enjoy taking photographs at night for various reasons. At night, there is a unique look to many major cities with lights highlighting the structures and shadows creating mystery and stories. In addition, night photography produces less tourism style images. Typically because night photography requires either a tripod, ‘fast glass’, or extreme ISO settings in the camera or a combination. When walking around, I will normally use my 35 mm lens at high ISO settings and I am able to capture very unique street photography shots. However, when I want long exposure shots, I always use a tripod.


Washington DC Cityscape at night


Long exposures produce the beautiful star burst for most lamp posts without the need to modify in Photoshop. I enjoy the look because often we fail to notice it when walking around at night. In these photographs of Washington DC Memorials at night, I used my tripod from various heights to create unique looks.


In the image of the Washington Monument at night, the warm glow around it and into the Reflecting Pond was created in the camera. I wanted a unique look of the Monument, unlike most Washington DC pictures at night. The WWII memorial depicting the Pacific side reflected beautifully in the pond while the monument and White House were prominent in the left side of the image. The very warm glow appeared to be from city lights since this image was taken near midnight and could not be from the sunset. The silhouette of the crane tells the story of the reconstruction of the Washington Monument and the protective cage while the small dark marks along the sidewalk reminds visitors that this area is home to creatures who use the area as a rest room :p .


If you only have one day in Washington DC. What to See?


If you only have one day in Washington DC or better one night, then I recommend giving yourself 3-4 hours to walk along the memorials seeing the Lincoln Memorial, WW II memorial, and the other memorials within walking distance. Although the Capital is great to see, it is boring compared to the unique lights and structures in the memorial sections of town.


More in Part Three

This guide might help in your preparation for a trip to Washington DC.

Frommer’s Washington, D.C. 2013 (Frommer’s Color Complete) [Paperback]


Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer | Kendralla Photography

We have a few open dates remaining for 2013 and are  booking dates in 2014.  If you would like to meet for a no obligation consultation for your wedding photography, contact me and I will meet you at a location and time convenient to you and we can enjoy a cup of tea or together.

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Engagement Picture Ideas | View of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Engagement Pictures

Northside of Pittsburgh view of the City

One of the most frequent questions that I am asked is concerning Engagement Picture Ideas

Do you need great locations and engagement picture ideas?  There are many great places in Pittsburgh for Engagement Pictures which will provide a unique look from within miles of each other. One of my favorite views of Pittsburgh is from the North Side in front of Heinz field. The archway frames the city well and includes a statue to Mr Rogers which is large enough that many people want to sit in his lap.


Beautiful view of Pittsburgh from the river walk in the North Side

Engagement Picture Ideas

Beautiful view of Pittsburgh from the river walk in the North Side

Another beautiful location that provides a beautiful view of Pittsburgh is on the river walk in the North Side. The sun sets behind Heinz field creating a beautiful golden look on the river and bridges which connect the North Side and the city. On this particular day the sun was bright and warm creating a tremendous glow and look on the buildings. Although the area is usually filled with families walking with their children, runners, and groups on bikes, the always make room for couples and their engagement pictures.

The moon rises behind the city and depending on the cloud covering appears in many mid-evening photos taken from this vantage point.

Engagement Picture Ideas | Columns

Engagement Picture Ideas | Columns

Engagement Picture Ideas | | Do you like the look of weather worn columns?

If you enjoy the look of weathered columns then one of the best places is Oakland (Pittsburgh) near the University of Pittsburgh. Walk along Fifth Avenue to the Mellon Institute, Carnegie Mellon University and you will find large weathered columns. I could spend hours in this area using the columns as reflectors, difusers, and frames for pictures.


Mellon Institute | Engagement Picture Ideas

Mellon Institute | Engagement Picture Ideas

Archway of Trees | Golden Look of Color | Engagement Picture Ideas

Archway of Trees | Golden Look of Color | Engagement Picture Ideas

Archway of trees | Beautiful Color during the golden hour of light

It might be hard to believe but throughout Pittsburgh and Oakland are many beautiful archways made of trees and lights. This walkway is between Heinz Chapel and the Cathedral of Learning (University of Pittsburgh) and regardless of the time of day is near picture perfect. Try this area at night and you are greeted with trees glowing from the lamp posts and during the mid-day the sun shines through creating a canopy of colors.



Wedding Photography by Kendralla Photography

We have a few open dates remaining for 2013 and are  booking dates in 2014.  If you would like to meet for a no obligation consultation for your wedding photography, contact me and I will meet you at a location and time convenient to you and we can enjoy a cup of tea together.


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10 steps to the most wonderful wedding imaginable

10 steps to the most wonderful wedding imaginable

Wedding season is starting in Pittsburgh and below are a few tips on how to have the most wonderful wedding imaginable!



Relax and enjoy your wedding!

Grand Entrance!

  1. Relax – Your emotions will show in your pictures and to your guests.  Relax and enjoy your day!  Plan but relax!
  2. Hire a professional wedding coordinator.  Put the pressure and stress on a professional who understands the inner workings of a wedding.  Their role is to take the burden of coordination off you and/or a family member or friend.
  3. Hire a professional wedding photographer and ensure you get along well with your photographer.  You will spend many hours with them on your wedding day.  The expertise of a professional helps reduce the stress of the day. Laugh for everyone to see your beautiful smile!
  4. Reception – special songs by a guest or two.  If you have family members who can sing (especially young family members), their singing a song to the bride and groom always brings tears and laughter to the guests. I will never forget when my granddaughter sang L.O.V.E. to her aunt (bride) during my youngest daughter’s wedding reception.  Tears of joy flowed throughout the reception hall.
  5. Honor others during the wedding reception.  If there is a guest that has a significant anniversary or birthday, dedicate a dance to them.  It always brings tears to my eyes when the bride and groom dedicate a dance to family members with 30, 40, 50, 60+ years of marriage.  I always cry when the couple brings a cake to a (great) grandparent for their birthday.
  6. Plan on the variable and ensure there is enough time for stuff to happen.  Please understand delays happen during the day.  Traffic delays cause bridal party members to arrive late and/or cause delays between the ceremony and reception hall. Laugh for everyone to see your beautiful smile!
  7. Provide maps and directions for your guests.  Although many folks have GPS devices in their cars, smart phones, etc., a printed map is always handy.  I doubt that I will ever forget the time I was in an area with very limited GPS coverage and how valuable the printed map proved to be for the guests.
  8. Emergency Kit – A small kit with needle, thread, pins, handy wipes, mints, etc for those emergency situations that seem to appear at the craziest time during a wedding.
  9. Eat – Yes, many brides and bridesmaids and refrain from eating but remember the day is long and the opportunity to eat is limited.  I always suggest keeping an energy or fruit bar in the ‘emergency kit’.  Although chocolate is enjoyable, it might not look great if it melts on a dress or is in your teeth for pictures.
  10. Relax and enjoy your special day!  Permit others to help and honor you during your day! Laugh for everyone to see your beautiful smile!

You can have a wonderful wedding!  Please enjoy your special day and laugh, love, and enjoy the beauty of life!

Wonderful Wedding Steps by Kendralla Photography
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Backyard Photography – Stay close to home Landscape Photography Tips

Stay close to home for amazing photography

{Landscape Photography Tips}

Too often we miss amazing landscape photography opportunities in our backyard because the setting is too common to us.  We walk by unique shapes and textures because they are common place and we overlook its design.   Over the past few years, I documented various spots on our property and highlighted its beauty.  The sunsets and sunrises that we see from our side porch are breathtaking and I would like to offer a few landscape photography tips for your backyard.  We have a variety of trees, plants, and other vegetation on our property.  In the early AM (before sunrise), I go outside and listen to the birds wake and sing then watch the early morning sunrise bathe the property.  The sun lights the flowers then shadows are cast across some unique looking mushrooms growing in the mulch around the butterfly bush.

Take your time and walk your property regardless of its size or location.  We are blessed to live in the country with a wide range of wildlife, trees, and flowers,  However, every property has something unique about it.  Drop low to the ground and view the mushrooms from ground level as the early morning sun warms the tops drying the dew from their tops.  Find a wildflower growing along the side of your driveway and get close, looking at the shapes and sizes of each petal.

If you have trees on your property or around it, look at the different shapes within the bark and leaves.  Every part of nature is unique and a distinct painting for us to enjoy.  I am amazed what I find as I take my time walking in the early AM.  The noises are minimal and the air is clean and fresh.  As I walk along the outside edge of the property, I hear the scampering of little feet as the squirrels run from me and climb a nearby tree.  These walks are a source of inspiration and ideas and provide a rich source of energy.

It seems that every day I find a new plant or flower growing wild along the edges of the driveway.  Some are filled with more textures and shapes than words can describe.  Recently,I found a star-shaped item on the closed buds of the Rose of Sharon Tree.  We have four grandchildren and it is amazing the unique insight they provide to life.  Our one year old granddaughter is wowed with everything and this is exactly how I approach my life and especially these early morning intimate moments with my Lord and the Creator of Nature’s beauty.

God's flying flowers Landscape Photography Tips

Nature – God’s Painting for us

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