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Olympus E-M1MarkII 12-100 f/4 vs Nikon D750 24-120 f/4

Olympus 12-100 vs Nikon 24-120 f/4

I use zooms over primes for a variety of reasons with the main one, the type of work I cover. Mainly weddings and events which often causes me to start at the front of a church and end up at the far back.  Zooms enable me to cover a wide range without changing lenses and using two cameras can have a range from 24-200 between the two cameras.  Do I own primes? Yes, do I use them as often as zooms? No –

OLYMPUS E-M1MarkII 17mm f/1.8 1/15 second ISO 1000

OLYMPUS E-M1MarkII 17mm f/1.8 1/15 second ISO 1000

When Olympus announced the 12-100 f/4 lens, I was intrigued because in theory, I could have the full range of coverage that I need in one lens and if I wanted to put a fast prime on my second camera, I could get a different look when needed.

Olympus E-M1MarkII 12-100 f/4 vs Nikon D750 24-120 f/4

Can the Olympus 12-100 f/4 (Equiv 24-200 f/4) match the Nikon 24-120 f/4?  Although we are not comparing exacts since the Olympus 12-100 covers 80 mm more than the Nikon. The Nikon D750 and 24-120 f/4 combination have been my go-to combination for nearly everything and wonder if the Olympus 12-100 f/4 can compete.  In this first post, we will compare the size of each.  We are not doing a comparison of apples to apples but more like apples to carrots with the Nikon. (Hey, I am 100% plant based and love apples and carrots 😀 ).  Keep in mind that this isn’t saying that one is ‘better’ than the other but can the Olympus keep up and perform equal to what I am used to in my Nikon gear getting me closer to a lighter load for both event and travel photography. My goal when using the Olympus or any mirrorless system is to reduce the amount of gear/weight needed and overall size while adding desired and/or needed features. (e.g. longer range, extra image stabilization, and more)


They both have lens stabilization and with a constant f/4 aperture.

However, the Olympus weighs in at 1.2 pounds and is weatherproof and the Nikon is not weatherproof nor listed as weather sealed. This is two up for the Olympus – range and weatherproof.  Additionally, the Olympus 12-100 f/4 when paired with the Olympus E-M1MarkII adds IBIS that the Nikon does not contain.  Another feature of the Olympus over the Nikon.

The Nikon is slightly heavier at 1.56 pounds vs 1.2 pounds for the Olympus. Over the course of the day, this will make a difference but when holding them in my hand, I couldn’t tell the difference.

Comparing cost, the Nikon 24 – 120 f/4 wins without a challenge. New it is less than $1100 and the Olympus 12-100 f/4 is $1299 to 1349 depending where you shop based on the current demand for this lens.


In the comparison image, notice the combination of the Olympus E-M1MarkII and the Nikon D750, the D750 combination is at least 1-inch longer.  Since the Olympus covers more of a range, I give the point to the Olympus 12-100 f/4

On the Olympus 12-100 f/4 there is a small push button for the hood that unlocks it for removal which is a great feature!  Olympus seems to have a unique way with lens hoods, on the 40-150, it retracts as part of the lens.  Great feature!


A few quick comparison points between the two cameras:

• Nikon D750 is 5% (6.4 mm) wider and 24% (22.1 mm) taller than Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II.
• Nikon D750 is 13% (9.1 mm) thicker than Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II.
• Nikon D750 [840 g] weights 46% (266 grams) more than Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II [574 g] (*inc. batteries and memory card).
• Nikon D750 dimensions: 140.5x113x78 mm (camera body only, excluding protrusion)
Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II dimensions: 134.1×90.9×68.9 mm (camera body only, excluding protrusion)

Below are a few of my favorite images with the Nikon D750 and 24-120 f/4 combination.

Kendralla Photography-D75_2161.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3367-Edit-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3502-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4455-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4630-Edit-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_5466.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_5489-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_5548.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_5903-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_7455-Edit.jpg

Below are a few of my recent images taken with the Olympus 12-100 f/4 after using it for a few days. No doubt I will have more in the future.


Kendralla Photography-OMD10063.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD10080.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD10097.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD10008.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD10016.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD10023.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD10161-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD10211-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD10215-Edit-2.jpg

Do I like and recommend this lens?  Yes!  Although it is on the pricey side, it is weatherproof, covers a wide range at a constant aperture and if you own the 40-150 f/2.8, then you can share filters (72mm) between the two lenses. I like this lens enough to sell the Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8 lens.

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Wedding Cake Cutting Video

There are many parts of a wedding that is filled with anticipation, the entrance of the bride, will the groom and/or dad cry when they see the bride for the first time?  The first kiss, the first dance, but there is one part of the wedding which is often filled with statements such as, don’t smash the cake in my hair followed by the bride smashing the cake in the groom’s face.

Wedding Cake Cutting

When do you cut the cake?

From my experience, it all depends on many items.  Tradition has it that the cake was cut at the end of the wedding reception signaling to the guests that the couple would change and leave.  However, that tradition has been replaced by cutting the cake immediately upon entering the reception (which gives the venue’s staff time to cut it and serve the cake to the guests during the meal and the opportunity to clean up when needed).  Others wait until after the meal is served but not finished and begin the cake cutting presentation.  While others wait and do the cake cutting after the first few dances.  There is no ‘right or wrong’ but only a time when it matches your desire for the reception.


Ensure you display your beautiful cake for the guests to see before it is cut.


Many venues and some D.J.’s put lights on the cake to ensure it is shown off to the hilt.  Do everything possible to NOT put it in a corner where no one can see it or the photographers cannot photograph you cutting the cake.  Too often the cake is put in a dark corner where the guests not only cannot find it but will miss the fun when you cut your cake.

Kiss after cutting your wedding cake and give your guests (and professional photographer) a great picture to share and you to put in your wedding album.

Wedding Cake Cutting


One complaint I hear from the guests is that they cannot see the wedding cake cutting.  At Kendralla Photography, we incorporate both still images and motion into our packages creating a memorable keepsake for you and your family.  What better way to share this fun part of the wedding with your guests and those who couldn’t attend but in a short video of your wedding cake cutting.

In this short Hybrid Cake Cutting, enjoy the anticipation and fun of a great cake cutting!

Video captured with the Lumix GX8 and Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8 lens.

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Serbian Orthodox Wedding

Kendralla Photography-D61_3635.jpgKendralla Photography-D61_3718.jpgKendralla Photography-D61_3729.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3018.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3216.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3237.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3295.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3382.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3407-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3428.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3573-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3644.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3681.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3685.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3759.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3944-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3947-Edit-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-Kendralla Photography-D75_3029.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD20150-Edit.jpg

If you never attended a Serbian Orthodox Wedding, you are in for an exciting event when you attend your first.  I photographed other orthodox weddings and similar events but never a Serbian Orthodox and enjoyed the entire day.  It started with the pre-wedding festivities where the family and close friends attended a party called a Skup at the bride’s home while she prepared for the day.    Guests were greeted with a Serbian band playing Serbian music not only during this part of the celebration but later during the reception when the guests participated in kolo dancing.

Groom arrives at Serbian Celebration

Groom arrives at Serbian Celebration

Kendralla Photography-D75_3407-EditWhile the bride and her bridesmaids are preparing for the day, the groom arrives and a toast is given by the father of the bride to welcome him into their family.  Laughter and more celebrating continues as the bride awaits her dad to see her for the first time.   More tears of joy as the dad views his beautiful daughter for the first time in her wedding gown on her special day.  Laughter and more tears follow as they embrace and others gather the family and friends to see her for the first time.

As she walks with her arm in her dad’s arm, the crowd of guests awaits her entrance. The little girls giggle as they see the beautiful bride descend the steps with her dad who in a few minutes will give a toast to his daughter.

After the toast and more celebrating, the bride and her bridesmaids leave for the church where a beautiful wedding celebration occurs.



Crowning of Groom at Serbian Orthodox Ceremony

Crowning of Groom at Serbian Orthodox Ceremony

They are crowned after the exchange of the rings (bethrothal) at the Royal Door and the binding of the cloth by the priest who crowns the groom first, then the bride.  The binding of the cloth which symbolises the bride and groom are bound for life is as beautiful as the crowning of the couple. The priest recites the crown blessing three times, (The servant of God, [groom’s name], is crowned unto the handmaiden of God, [bride’s name], in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.)


During the wedding ceremony, the choir sang from the choir loft adding a beautiful sound to the Serbian Orthodox Wedding.

After the service which includes drinking from the common cup and a procession three times around the altar, the wedding ceremony concludes.  The couple leaves the church and is greeted by family, friends, and the Serbian band playing.

Unlike other exits from a church, the couple is showered with coins and collected by children in attendance.

Later at the reception, the Serbian band plays and the crowd participated in Serbian Dancing and more fun filled activities.  The father of the bride gives his third toast of the day to the bride and groom followed by a toast by the kum.

The dancing, laughing, and the celebration continued into the night.

Congrats to Samantha and John!  Believing the best for your lives together!

Creative Bridal Portrait in Archway

Creative Bridal Portrait in Archway

Below is the 18-minute wedding show of the wedding celebration that we produced as a heirloom memory for the family. It contains audio, video, and stills with music and more. Enjoy!



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What is included in your wedding photography packages?

Wedding Show

A wedding show is part of our wedding photography packages

Our wedding shows tell a story from your wedding day. Since our coverage is full-day, your wedding show includes memories from all parts of your wedding. When you share the video with your family and friends, they will see parts of the wedding they were not privy to until now. The fun bridal portraits, images of your wedding rings, and your first dance as a couple.  When designing your wedding show, my goal is to create a lasting ‘snapshot’ of your wedding day.  It is something for you to share and look at years from now.

Obviously, the wedding show doesn’t include all of the images from your day since in many cases the total amount of images delivered are hundreds.  However, the wedding show includes images that provoke memories and capture the essence of your wedding day.  Below is an actual wedding show delivered to the couple on a DVD with an image from their wedding day as the cover.  The DVD plays in your standard DVD player attached to your TV and your computer. Additionally, an MP4 version is available for sharing online, playing on your tablet, smartphone, or other electronic device.

The ceremony was at the First Baptist Church in Aliquippa {Beaver County}.

What does your wedding photography package include?

If you ask yourself, “what should a wedding photography package include?” Know that our wedding photography packages are not typical because they include a multimedia based wedding show set to music for your enjoyment and sharing!


Wedding Package Example

Wedding Package Example


We share the dreams,
the smiles, the tears-
All life can ever bring.
But most of all, we share our
And that means everything.

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Finding in LOVE with BRUSTER’s ice cream!

Falling in Love with Brusters Ice Cream

A toast to Hopewell Brusters! Thank you for your hospitality!



  Thank you Hopewell Brusters!

On a hot and humid day in Hopewell, Katie and Chad along with their wedding party visited the Hopewell Bruster’s on Broadhead Rd. across from the Hopewell Shopping Center. With welcome arms Brenda, Mario, and staff at Brusters served the hungry Bridal Party a variety of flavors and the 25 year anniversary, “Black Cherry Chocolate Chunk” definitely was a hit!

If you are in the Hopewell area and enjoy ice cream, stop by the Hopewell Brusters and get a picture in front of the now famous Hopewell Brusters.  {Maybe sneak a kiss from your sweetheart too!} 😀

As the bride and groom enjoyed a ‘sweet’ kiss, photo bombing was a must! 😀

Photo Bomb Wedding Portraits | Brusters

Photo Bomb at Brusters

Falling in Love with Brusters Ice Cream

Photo Bomb Anyone?

Falling in Love with Brusters Ice Cream

Falling in Love with Brusters Ice Cream



“With this ring, I give you my heart, I promise from this day forward, you shall not walk alone, may my heart be your shelter, and my arms be your home.”

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Hiring a wedding photographer | A few quick tips


Selecting Vendors for your wedding is overwhelming!

At the recent Pittsburgh Bridal Fair one of the common statements by attendees, ‘wow’ this is overwhelming!

I remember when I went to my first show at the convention center many years ago. It was a home show and it was filled with an insane number of vendors. I could not believe how many people were at the show, nor could I believe the choices. This reason alone scared me. Who do I pick for our project?

In the wedding world hiring the correct vendor for each part of your wedding is just as confusing as hiring the correct contractor for your home project. As daunting as this task may seem, there are a few simple tests you can do when selecting your wedding photographer.


 A few quick tips for hiring a wedding photographer


Before meeting with the photographer, ask to see samples of a ‘complete’ weddings. {Not just the images ‘advertised’ as their best work.}

  • Consistency in the work is critical. What you are attempting to avoid is hiring someone who doesn’t have the experience in photographing a complete wedding.
  • Do you like the images from a complete wedding?
  • Do you like their coverage of a ceremony, reception, candid images?
    • Fun portraits?
      • Do they offer the opportunity for the guests to get their pictures taken as a gift to the bride and groom at no extra charge?
        • We offer for no additional charge the ‘no booth photo booth’. We set-up with props in an area near the reception for the guests to get their pictures with either props or without as a gift to you. {Ask for more details}
  • Is the photographer willing to work with your schedule and how long is their coverage during your wedding day?
    • We cover your day and do not leave during the middle part of your reception.
  • Meet with the photographer in person
    • It is imperative that you get along with the photographer. You will be with them more than anyone else on your wedding day and it is critical that both you and the photographer ‘click’.
    • Look at their albums
      • Do you like the way their printed work looks?
        • Do you like their designs?
        • Not all albums are created equal
        • Do you like their albums?
  • If they are on social media, check out their ‘chatter’ and look for comments on the images they post. Do they have references?
    • Look for consistency here too. You want to verify they are ‘legit’
    • How do they interact with others and how do others interact with them?
    • Are they a ‘hot head’ who spouts off when someone disagrees with them or when they are under stress
      • Weddings are stressful 😀
    • Do they offer advice and helpful suggestions to others or do they seem to be the one always asking questions?
  • When you review their ‘complete’ weddings, verify that you see more than just the bride and groom. Too often ‘new’ photographers gather images during a controlled workshop without experience in a hectic, ‘non-controlled’ wedding day.
  • Search the internet for the photographers name
    • Look for how they comment on other sites
  • Are they someone that you believe you can work with on your wedding day?

Yes, hiring a wedding photographer is overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be.  Utilize these same tips as you hire other vendors for your wedding day.

We are offering a Bridal Show Special – Please contact me for more information.


Sell Art Online

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Snow Queen | A winter wedding and beautiful bride

Snow Queen - Beautiful Bride and Groom in the snow

Snow Queen – Beautiful Bride and Groom in the snow


I am not a winter person but I am a sucker for the opportunity to get a great image. So when the opportunity to get a ‘snow queen’ image, I was ready for it.

Everyone in the bridal party was very cooperative on this cold January day. They dressed for the wedding but also prepared for cold, outdoor images. Within a few blocks of the church was a perfect spot. There was an opening which provided access to snow and the beautiful sky. The snow glistened from the brisk temperature, creating a surreal look.

Moving quickly, we took multiple images of the bride and groom plus the bridal party.

The second picture of the bridal party is a fun picture but other than the lights and blue sky, it doesn’t give indication how cold it was outside and how brave the ladies were to get this picture for their friend, the bride.

Bridesmaids in the winter snow

On a brisk January evening, these brave ladies posed for their friend.

We always look for creative and unique ways to display the wedding rings. In this case, the snow bulb proved to be the ‘perfect’ prop. Telling the story of the day and time of year, the snow bulb holding the ring captured the time and season.

Snow Bulb and Ring

Snow Bulb and Ring

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer | Kendralla Photography | Beaver County Wedding Photographer

We have a few open dates remaining for 2014 with special pricing for weddings in January to April 2014. If you would like to meet for a no obligation consultation for your wedding photography, contact me and I will meet you at a location and time convenient to you and we can enjoy a cup of tea or together.

– See more at my portfolio site.

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Amanda and Eric | Wedding Show

Congrats to Amanda and Eric!

Amanda and Eric Wedding Show – @ The Fez from Frank Kendralla on Vimeo.


Beautiful Wedding Rings and Flowers

Beautiful Wedding Rings and Flowers

Glowing Couple | The Fez

Glowing Couple | The Fez

Glowing Couple | The Fez

Glowing Couple | The Fez

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Wedding Engagement Photography Tips | Pittsburgh Wedding PHOTOgrapher

Where is the best wedding engagement locations in Pittsburgh?


One of the best ways to find great locations for portrait or wedding engagement photos is to drive around and look for unique perspectives on a common item. Make a point of taking a different route to places you travel often. Recently, I took a different route to the local grocery store which is 2 miles from our home. Rather than go the direct “as the crow flies” route, I went down a side street then across to a different route and found an area I never noticed before.


A location that I utilized many times was found by observing signs. I was driving home from Cranberry Twp and exited the turnpike on rte 18 near Beaver Falls, PA. On my right was a small sign that I never noticed before although I passed the area may times previously. I pulled into a small parking lot while reading the sign. “Buttermilk Falls”. What is this location? I started walking down a path which ran parallel to a small stream with fast rushing water. Climbing man made stairs I could hear louder water rushing in the distance and I continued following the path up a hill near a beautiful clearing. My heart was pounding as I quickly climbed the hill toward a small but interesting waterfall. “Wow! I never knew this place was here!” I thought and began checking the area for possible areas to photograph. Later I found out it is a common location for many people but I continued to use the area because of the near endless portrait possibilities. The area has rock formations that gave the look of a cave, trees, water for reflections, and so much more.


In a field above the falls was an old outhouse which created an amazing look and across the railroad tracks is an old building with many creative possibilities.


On another day, I was driving around in Mt Washington and noticed a beautiful mural of a city painted on the side of a building. I logged this location in my mind and later used it for the backdrop of an engagement session. One of the photographs in the session was used on a photo site illustrating creative engagement photographs.


North Park is another favorite area to visit but I drive around looking for locations that are not seen by most. On one occasion I drove around and ended up at the base of a steep grassy hill which proved to be a great location when I want a full sky in my picture.


So where is the best wedding engagement location?


From my experience the best location is just around the corner and most people drive by it every day but do not see the endless possibilities.


What time of the day is the best for wedding engagement photographs in Pittsburgh?


Personally, I love late night or into the night for creative photographs. Late at night, city lights are on as well as lights illuminating statues, buildings, memorials, and more. In addition, most folks only see the world during the middle of the day. My second favorite for portraits is very early in the AM. Photographs taken as the sun rises are very unique because most people never see the sun rise with clear eyes.


Look for areas that have powerful reflections or shadows!


Wedding Engagement Photography | Reflections of Love

Wedding Engagement Photography | Reflections of Love

{more in part ii}


Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer | Kendralla Photography

We have a few open dates remaining for 2013 and are  booking dates in 2014.  If you would like to meet for a no obligation consultation for your wedding photography, contact me and I will meet you at a location and time convenient to you and we can enjoy a cup of tea or together.

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Engagement Picture Ideas | View of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Engagement Pictures

Northside of Pittsburgh view of the City

One of the most frequent questions that I am asked is concerning Engagement Picture Ideas

Do you need great locations and engagement picture ideas?  There are many great places in Pittsburgh for Engagement Pictures which will provide a unique look from within miles of each other. One of my favorite views of Pittsburgh is from the North Side in front of Heinz field. The archway frames the city well and includes a statue to Mr Rogers which is large enough that many people want to sit in his lap.


Beautiful view of Pittsburgh from the river walk in the North Side

Engagement Picture Ideas

Beautiful view of Pittsburgh from the river walk in the North Side

Another beautiful location that provides a beautiful view of Pittsburgh is on the river walk in the North Side. The sun sets behind Heinz field creating a beautiful golden look on the river and bridges which connect the North Side and the city. On this particular day the sun was bright and warm creating a tremendous glow and look on the buildings. Although the area is usually filled with families walking with their children, runners, and groups on bikes, the always make room for couples and their engagement pictures.

The moon rises behind the city and depending on the cloud covering appears in many mid-evening photos taken from this vantage point.

Engagement Picture Ideas | Columns

Engagement Picture Ideas | Columns

Engagement Picture Ideas | | Do you like the look of weather worn columns?

If you enjoy the look of weathered columns then one of the best places is Oakland (Pittsburgh) near the University of Pittsburgh. Walk along Fifth Avenue to the Mellon Institute, Carnegie Mellon University and you will find large weathered columns. I could spend hours in this area using the columns as reflectors, difusers, and frames for pictures.


Mellon Institute | Engagement Picture Ideas

Mellon Institute | Engagement Picture Ideas

Archway of Trees | Golden Look of Color | Engagement Picture Ideas

Archway of Trees | Golden Look of Color | Engagement Picture Ideas

Archway of trees | Beautiful Color during the golden hour of light

It might be hard to believe but throughout Pittsburgh and Oakland are many beautiful archways made of trees and lights. This walkway is between Heinz Chapel and the Cathedral of Learning (University of Pittsburgh) and regardless of the time of day is near picture perfect. Try this area at night and you are greeted with trees glowing from the lamp posts and during the mid-day the sun shines through creating a canopy of colors.



Wedding Photography by Kendralla Photography

We have a few open dates remaining for 2013 and are  booking dates in 2014.  If you would like to meet for a no obligation consultation for your wedding photography, contact me and I will meet you at a location and time convenient to you and we can enjoy a cup of tea together.


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