Seneca Valley Prom 2015 No Booth Photo Booth

The Seneca Valley Prom @ the Scottish Rite Cathedral in New Castle, PA.


DJ and Lighting by Otto Productions.


No Booth PHOTO Booth by Kendralla Photography

Kendralla Photography-D75_0759-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_0787.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_0836.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_0848.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_0854.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_0857.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_0886.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_0895.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_0915.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_0976-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1007-Edit.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1054.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1099.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1152.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1159.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1163.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1227.jpgKendralla Photography-T61_2762.jpg

Click here to view and/or purchase the no booth images as well as some of the images from the dancing.

If you are in need of High School Senior Portraits or Family Portraits, I have a few openings this summer.  Please mention the Seneca Valley Prom for a special promotion. Click here to contact us.


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Candid Moments in Life

Candid Moments in Life

The best moments are not planned

I took this image of my wife and two eldest grandkids is 2009. We were walking along a path that borders our property and the moment seemed perfect for an image.  The grandkids are now 13 and 11 but this image is one of my favorite images of all times.  My wife and I were going through the thousands of images I took of the family since 2001 and this one jumped out as a ‘must print and hang’ image.  We pondered the best scripture verse and decided that Psalm 46:10a, “Be still and know that I am God…” is perfect.

I printed this as an 11×14 and matted it to fit a 16×20 black frame for hanging in our living room.  This will join many other prints that we proudly display of our family and life.  My wife kept saying, this looks like something you would buy and hang on your wall from a Christian bookstore. 😀  One of the greatest compliments a photographer can get is when their spouse states they would pay for the image.

Some of the best images I took were not planned, staged, nor posed.  They just developed (pun intended).  Although this sat on my hard drive for 6 years after I processed it, the image remained ready to become a story teller.  However, I believe that an image isn’t a true picture until it is printed and hung on a wall for others to see and cherish.

No doubt this might have more meaning to us than it would to others, the connection of the viewer becomes when they can relate.  A mom can relate thinking when they walk hand in hand with their child(ren) or a grandma thinking to the day when she walks with her grandchildren.  Life is short and too often the only thing we have to trigger a happy and cherished memory is to look and hold our pictures.  There is a saying that a picture is art when it connects with the viewer.  I would add that a picture is an image when it tells a story that connects the viewer to the subject.

It is very important to preserve memories with photography but it is more important to print the images to share and hold.

What many do not realize is the image we take today isn’t for our benefit (today) but for the benefit of future generations or to comfort us years in the future.  I hope that one day my grandchildren will be blessed with children and grandchildren of their own and that this image will provide conversations they have with their families.  As I type this, tears flow down my cheeks.  Not of sorrow but of joy that a God given gift (vision and photography) can bring joy and happiness.  Tears of joy that memories are captured and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

With the advent of digital and the fact that nearly everyone has a camera (mobile device) and images are shared non-stop, my concern is that too many people fail to print their memories.  They show them off on their smart phone but when the smart phone breaks where are the memories.  Yes, more and more people store in the cloud but how many retrieve them from the cloud and display the images proudly on their walls?

Candid moments need preserved and cherished!

Mother’s day is quickly approaching.  Plan a time for pictures, preserving today for future generations.  We offer a session that includes both still and motion (video) with a multimedia show that brings laughter and tears wrapped in joy and happiness.

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Winter Engagement Photos | Pittsburgh

Kendralla Photography-D75_3892.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3894-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3897-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3899-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3913-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3925.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3957-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3995-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_3999-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4006-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4014.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4052-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4054-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4064.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4066.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4076.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_4123-T.jpg

Winter Sunset over Phipps

Winter Sunset over Phipps

There are certain aspects of winter engagement photos that create a unique and fun image.  The sun is lower and when the area is lined with beautiful snow the images take on a special glow that no other season replicates.  The Phipps Conservatory in Oakland has a unique look with the glass permitting ‘just enough’ light to penetrate falling on the couple as they embrace to keep warm in the chilly but not too cold winter afternoon sun.

A few days before this area was covered in snow and blinding winds.  However, a 20 degree increase in the temperature created a quick cure for cabin fever and a chance for many people to enjoy the beautiful winter sunset.  As we were creating these images, there were many patrons walking to and from the Conservatory as well as joggers, parents pushing strollers, and, casual walkers.

I have been in many cities around the country and in a few other countries but there is something special about creating memories in your home town.  Pittsburgh is unique with the architecture and scenery.


The setting sun made for beautiful long winter shadows and provided just enough warmth.

Winter Engagement Photos | Long Shadows



“Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.”
― Yoko Ono

 No winter is too cold or dark when you have love.

Winter Engagement Photos | Winter Sunset | Ice Arena near the park


Winter Engagement Photos | Beautiful Winter Sunset
Winter Engagement Photos | Ice Rink

  “If kisses were snowflakes I would send you a blizzard!”

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Victory Family Church |Family Christmas 2014

Visit Victory Family Church this Christmas Season

Family Christmas

Family Christmas 2014 Services

  • Friday, December 19 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, December 20 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, December 21 at 10:30 a.m.

Let’s celebrate Christmas together! Invite your family and friends to join us for a time of traditional and contemporary music, along with skits, creative surprises, and the Christmas Story. We look forward to seeing you at Family Christmas!

Kendralla Photography-D75_1825.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1842.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1862.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1867.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1869.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1880.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1910.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1916.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1922.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1932.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1936-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1947.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1952.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1959.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1968.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1976.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1984.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_1988.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_2039.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_2041.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_2061.jpgKendralla Photography-D75_2064.jpg

Complete gallery of images.


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Olympus OMD – E- M5 Great time to buy

Kendralla Photography-OMD07227.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD07235.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD07241-2.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD07245.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD07256.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD07261.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD17277.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD17282.jpgKendralla_Photography-.jpgKendralla_Photography-00975.jpgKendralla_Photography-11018.jpgKendralla_Photography-OMD90508.jpgKendralla_Photography-OMD90525.jpgKendralla_Photography-OMD90579-2.jpg

I love to travel and when I travel I love to document what I see.  I am not opposed to rising early as you can see from the sunrise image over the desert in Phoenix, AZ or staying out late as illustrated in the night images in NYC.

Tremendous view of the desert sunrise

What a tremendous sight of color


Additionally, when time permits, I am not opposed to attempting my hand at images when the light isn’t ‘golden’ as you can see from the infrared image in this post.

IR image in the desert

Infrared in the desert

My favorite travel camera and what I use for nearly all of my macro work is the Olympus OMD – E- M5.  For street photography I use it combined with the OMD 17mm f/1.8 lens and the small size of both combined make this a tremendous camera set-up for being NON-intrusive.  There are many features that make the OMD E-M5 a tremendous travel camera beyond the size.  I love the flip up LCD screen and the ability to compose an image without putting the camera to my eye.  This helps when photographing items close to the ground or to ensure I get a candid image.

I really like that I can ‘see’ what the image looks like before pressing the shutter even when using an IR filter to capture unique infrared images.

The images in the gallery for this post were photographed exclusively with the OMD – E-M5 and either the Oly 17 or Panny 20.  (I sold the panny to get the Oly which seems to focus much faster and is worth the difference in cost.)  This image was taken while walking around NYC and the reflections ‘popped’ out at me causing me to stop and take notice.

OMD-E-M5 NYC at Night

New York City at Night




The OMD combined with the Oly 60mm macro is tremendous for macro photography. This next image was photographed with this combination and shows its macro capabilities.

OMD - E-M5

The beauty of black and white

One of the main reasons I bring up this camera is because there are many ‘Black Friday’ Specials on this camera and lenses online. You can buy this tremendous camera new for the same price many of us paid for it used one year ago.

If you are looking for a tremendous mirrorless camera that will serve you for many years, then I suggest you look at this camera and lens combinations.


Wedding Rings and Heart

Wedding Vows are sacred

Vendor Shop Amazon – Black Friday Deals in Camera, Photo & Video

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Monaca skyline at night | Bridge at night

Kendralla Photography-D61_7104-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D61_7105-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D61_7106-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D61_7108-T.jpgKendralla Photography-D61_7111-T.jpg

 Beaver County Bridges | Bridge at Night

The full moon and the lights off the bridge bathed the Ohio river in beautiful lights.

Full Moon Delight

Full Moon Delight

The air was cool and the sky was painted in all shades of blue and purple as I arrived at the Bridgewater Landing. I knew my time was minimal that would provide rich colors in the sky vs a dark black backdrop. The bridge from Rochester to Monaca was lit with the moon and man made lights creating a near perfect painterly effect on the water.

I enjoy the look of old bridges that have character and tell a story when the bridges in the area were made from local steel and from factories in states.  There is something about these bridges and viewing a bridge at night.  I am not sure why but they seem to cry out that our country was built on the backs of those who labored here.


Bathed in moonlight

Bathed in moonlight

With a full moon, the train bridge was bathed in light and cast a beautiful shadow on the Ohio river. Normally, this section is too dark to get a nice image at this time of night (earlier it is always back lit with a setting sun). However, the full moon created an amazing light on the train bridge.




If you enjoy these images and would like them for your home, they are available for purchase here and here Art Prints .

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What is included in your wedding photography packages?

Wedding Show

A wedding show is part of our wedding photography packages

Our wedding shows tell a story from your wedding day. Since our coverage is full-day, your wedding show includes memories from all parts of your wedding. When you share the video with your family and friends, they will see parts of the wedding they were not privy to until now. The fun bridal portraits, images of your wedding rings, and your first dance as a couple.  When designing your wedding show, my goal is to create a lasting ‘snapshot’ of your wedding day.  It is something for you to share and look at years from now.

Obviously, the wedding show doesn’t include all of the images from your day since in many cases the total amount of images delivered are hundreds.  However, the wedding show includes images that provoke memories and capture the essence of your wedding day.  Below is an actual wedding show delivered to the couple on a DVD with an image from their wedding day as the cover.  The DVD plays in your standard DVD player attached to your TV and your computer. Additionally, an MP4 version is available for sharing online, playing on your tablet, smartphone, or other electronic device.

The ceremony was at the First Baptist Church in Aliquippa {Beaver County}.

What does your wedding photography package include?

If you ask yourself, “what should a wedding photography package include?” Know that our wedding photography packages are not typical because they include a multimedia based wedding show set to music for your enjoyment and sharing!


Wedding Package Example

Wedding Package Example


We share the dreams,
the smiles, the tears-
All life can ever bring.
But most of all, we share our
And that means everything.

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Ducky Tours | Pittsburgh

Kendralla Photography-OMD96042.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96090.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96091.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96132.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96143.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96155.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96226.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96231.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96236.jpgKendralla Photography-OMD96273.jpg

Celebrating life in the city on a ducky tour.


“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” Michael J. Fox


We celebrated my wife’s birthday with our two eldest grandchildren, one of our brother in-laws, and my sister at multiple restaurants, a ducky tour of Pittsburgh, plus a ride up the incline.  After purchasing the ducky tickets, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.  I am always hesitant for different restaurants since I am a “health nut” and often find it challenging for healthy alternative lunches.  However, the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh did an amazing job.  I asked for a ‘special’ salad, describing what I wanted and they delivered to the letter.  Now to my main point, if you buy tickets for DUCKY and decide to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, look at the tickets.  They include a 15% off coupon for the Hard Rock Cafe and no I didn’t notice the coupon until we were getting ready to board the DUCKY. :(

We rode the white bus and were ‘entertained’ by a fun tour guy with a serious amount of hair (which I don’t have).  The weather was near perfect with slightly overcast skies and temperatures in the high 60’s to low 70.

DUCKY that we rode

DUCKY that we rode

The tour starts in Station Square and crosses the Smithfield Street Bridge into the city making its way to the North Side via the Roberto Clemente Bridge. Passing by his statue and PNC park, the DUCKY heads toward the access way of the river past the war memorials (which are amazing and are a visit in of their own). Entering into the river is fun and exciting as the kids cheer with the tour guide and captain of the ship.

The water motor kicks on and off we go into the Three Rivers of Pittsburgh.







Passing by another DUCKY



We drove a short time on the water then the captain asked if any children wanted to drive the boat. One little boy raised his hand (so did I) and he had the opportunity to drive. Then the captain asked if anyone else wanted to drive and no other children wanted to drive. I kept asking 😀 – they then stated okay and I had the opportunity for a front and center view of the city and was able to get some amazing images.





Ducky Tours

I drove the ducky boat

Amazing view of the city from Ducky Tours Captain’s Seat

Ducky Tours Pittsburgh

Taken from the Captain’s Seat of a Ducky Tour in Pittsburgh

After floating along the water, we traveled past the war memorials and into the North Side of Pittsburgh. Since my grandkids never rode an incline nor traveled to Mt Washington to view the city from the overlook, I felt it was a must do! 😀








Time to travel to Mt Washington via the incline

Time to travel to Mt Washington via the incline

Just passing by

Just passing by

Just passing by

View from the incline car to Mt Washington

View from the incline car to Mt Washington











Our amazing city of Pittsburgh from the first overlook near the incline.

Pittsburgh from Mt Washington

Pittsburgh from Mt Washington


Must see Mural

There were many cars in the parking lot next to this mural but it is located near the road by the first overlook in Mt. Washington and is a must visit for pictures!

Beautiful Mural in Mt Washington

Beautiful Mural in Mt Washington

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Finding in LOVE with BRUSTER’s ice cream!

Falling in Love with Brusters Ice Cream

A toast to Hopewell Brusters! Thank you for your hospitality!



  Thank you Hopewell Brusters!

On a hot and humid day in Hopewell, Katie and Chad along with their wedding party visited the Hopewell Bruster’s on Broadhead Rd. across from the Hopewell Shopping Center. With welcome arms Brenda, Mario, and staff at Brusters served the hungry Bridal Party a variety of flavors and the 25 year anniversary, “Black Cherry Chocolate Chunk” definitely was a hit!

If you are in the Hopewell area and enjoy ice cream, stop by the Hopewell Brusters and get a picture in front of the now famous Hopewell Brusters.  {Maybe sneak a kiss from your sweetheart too!} 😀

As the bride and groom enjoyed a ‘sweet’ kiss, photo bombing was a must! 😀

Photo Bomb Wedding Portraits | Brusters

Photo Bomb at Brusters

Falling in Love with Brusters Ice Cream

Photo Bomb Anyone?

Falling in Love with Brusters Ice Cream

Falling in Love with Brusters Ice Cream



“With this ring, I give you my heart, I promise from this day forward, you shall not walk alone, may my heart be your shelter, and my arms be your home.”

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Victory Family Church | John Bevere

Kendralla Photography-DR6_2352.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_2353.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_2367.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_2388.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_2391.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_2405.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_2427.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_2433.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_2481.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_2519.jpgKendralla Photography-DR6_2527.jpg

If you would like to see more of the choir images and book signing images with John Bevere, click on this link.  To download the images for your personal use (printing or sharing), right-click on the image(s) you like.


Victory Family Church | Impartation | June 22, 2014

One of my favorite books by John Bevere and one that I recommend to everyone is “Bait of Satan”.

 “The man or woman who doesn’t forgive has forgotten the price that Christ paid for them on the Cross.” 
— John Bevere

Escape the enemy’s deadly trap! The Bait of Satan exposes one of the most deceptive snares Satan uses to get believers out of the will of God-offense.


John Bevere (Breaking Intimidation: Say “No” Without Feeling Guilty. Be Secure Without the Approval of Man)


“True honor is an outflow from a heart that fears God.” 
— John Bevere (Honor’s Reward: The Essential Virtue for Receiving God’s Blessings)


“True humility is absolute obedience and dependence on God. It puts Him first, others second, and ourselves third in all things.” 
— John Bevere (Relentless: The Power You Need to Never Give Up)

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