What is a photograph or epic film?


A photograph isn't made with a camera but with all of the experience, study, practice, and tears of joy and frustration the photographer encountered from life. It is made up of all the people met, loved, and lost. It is a result of the photographer pouring out their heart and soul into preserving your memories. 

A photograph worth remembering is an act of love and joy. It isn't about the gear but about the art and passion transferring through the photographer. I am a husband, dad, ‘pappy’ (grandfather) and man dedicated to The LORD first but with that, I pour out my love and passion of photography and film making into every event, wedding, portrait session, and short film I cover and produce.

Since 2001, I have photographed hundreds of events converting my devotion to the art into preserving the memories of others. Every year, I study and learn new techniques, practice constantly but never forget that the ultimate goal is ensuring the client receives more than anticipated and that a moment in time worth remembering is worth protecting with a picture, video, or both.

As a visual historian, multiple techniques and tools are used when covering your wedding, event, or creating your video. Combining both still images and video I use what is referred to as a hybrid technique. Pictures and video is combined with audio from your day to create a distinctive show.

Dr Frank - Visual Historian

Dr Frank - Visual Historian

Life, Love, and Laughter

“Dr Frank”
Visual Historian

Col 3:23-24